3 Steps to maintain self care while traveling

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I don’t know if it’s my 30’s or if I was neglecting myself all these years. Self-care has taken more of focus in my daily routine. Which shouldn’t change while on the go, or traveling. Rule #1  “put yourself first” just like the safety videos before any flight. Place your oxygen mask on yourself first before assisting others.  So from the moment, you step on the flight you’re prompted to execute self-care first! Don’t let this lesson that seems so small surpass what you need out of your life.   The smallest daily change in your routine can have a huge effect on your energy, balance, and overall well being.

Self-care should be a task or multiple tasks excessively focused on making you happy. Carve out 10- 30 minutes a day with you as the primary focus. Not work, not family, not tied to your phone, just uninterpreted time for oneself. On the go or traveling should be no different. Here are a few self-care tips and ideas while traveling.

Hotel room workout

Use some of the workout programs on your phone or iPad to get in a short workout in the morning before the day becomes chaos. The right step to kickstart your day and make better health decisions. The care of the body

* tip- Yoga before a long flight will help fight fatigue and stiff muscles.


Do not underestimate the power of controlled breathing.  Take the time to focus your thoughts and energy to set your daily intentions. Some great guided meditation like Gabby Bernstein spirit junkie is great for beginners.

In-flight beauty

This self-care step can be done on a long flight, and yes be comfortable being that person. The person is the Aisle seat with essential oils, face sheets, moisturizer and whatever else you can pull out of your beauty arsenal. People will look at you a little crazy, but you will step off the flight feeling refreshed and ready to conquer a new city.

3 Simple steps to maintain self-care while traveling, however, this should not be limited to travel. Included some new self-care rituals as goals in your daily routine.

Share some of yourself care rituals!

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