7 Must have travel Apps you need to download today

The following 7 apps to assist in how to communicate, find accommodations, organize transportation, monitor your money, connect with family and friends, plan your itinerary and make a lasting connection. Altogether  the making of a memorable travel experience.

travel  app connect accommodation travel experience

1 Google Translate:

So you decided to travel to another country and not knowing the language shouldn’t hold you back from a great expense. Google translate works great offline and translates over 100 languages along with audio playback. No need to struggle to pronounce the words if you can’t the audio button will say it out loud for you and the person you want to communicate with. Other features of the app are the readable version of the translation easily accessed by rotating your phone horizontal.

I wish I had this for my first solo trip to Greece a few years back. I had the  brilliant idea to write my hotel name and address on a piece of paper when I arrive at the airport  for the taxi driver since they wouldn’t speak English, joke was on me if they cannot  speak English I’m pretty sure they can’t read English either ( insert palm to face emoji here) lol.  Google translate will save you the embarrassment and offer nothing but convince and confidence while traveling.



2 Hostelworld:

For all the backpacks and or budget-minded travelers, Hostelworld is a great app to use while booking your upcoming accommodations. Although it is not limited to an only hostel or shared accommodation boutiques hotels and BnB are often listed within this app. Hostels have had a onesided point of view for many years but if you’re looking for a luxury option that will not break the bank, try the superb options that are available.  You can book directly with the app and keep a record of upcoming travel dates and information.

find accommodations

3 Rome2Rio:

Need help pricing travel and transportation options. Rome to Rio in a one-stop shop option for all transportation options. Travel by bus, flight, train or even ride share, Rome to Rio will provide you with multiple options to arrive at your destination.  Search by city name to whatever city you are interested in traveling to.  Rome to RIO offers a broad search with estimated price points. The search engine offers pricing with budget airlines that are not accessible when using larger search engines like bookit and kayak.

organize transportation

4 XE-Currency Exchange

Keep track of local currency rates and exchange rates.

Take back your haggling power and know exactly what you are spending at all times.

Works great without service/internet and is a must-have for all travelers because let’s be honest who has time for math when you’re trying to buy a knock-off purse in the back street of China.

monitor your money

5 Whatsapp-

Stay connected with family and friends while traveling.

Free calling and text international at all times.


6 Travefy Pro-

The itinerary builder that will make traveling extremely organized. Track flights, hotel reservations, and tours. Keep a running log of all your travel needs. Share itinerary with family and friends


7 Plane Date-

Who else is looking for a travel buddy/boo and or the person that can take your travel photos, we all need our Instagram husband? I don’t know about you but if my significant other doesn’t like to travel or has no drive to see the world is a complete deal breaker, so might as well use this new dating app that has one key focus, Travel. The plane date is focused on the traveler schedule. Meet someone new during a long layover or a 15-hour international flight.

                                                                    lasting connection



Head the app store to download your travel apps.

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