3 Steps to restart your personal goals


It happens often we get a little distracted and off track from our original direction. Don’t stress, that is part of the growing process. Your personal goals are crucial to your self-care and well being. Self-care is not cosmetic but therapeutic, cleansing and critical to personal success. Restart your personal goals with the following 3 steps.

1-Surround yourself with motivating people

Back to mom basic quotes “ birds of a feather flock together” we all heard it growing up and as much we don’t want to hear the parental advice the things we learn as children become a recurring theme all the way through adulthood. Know your strengths and surrounds yourself with people who can help in areas where you’re not strong. People around you should be the gasoline to your fire, not the water putting it out.

2-Prioritize your goals

Sometimes we get off track because we lost sight on the big picture while fighting the daily work battles and stresses that tend to come while being an adult. Set realistic short-term goals. The key is SHORT TERM, weekly, monthly or quarterly. The continuous check in on progress will allow you to make adjustments and modifications and stay on track to achieve the goals set.

3-Create new habits 

Say Yes to yourself more often. When refocusing on your goals more distractions will come your way because that just how the universe gets off. Don’t be afraid to say no to friends, dinners, and events if it is pulling you away from what you need to do to get closer to your goals. Commit to the changes and reward the important milestones.

Tools you’ll need for your restart


 The motivation manifesto”

a call to reclaim our lives and personal freedom.

Motivation Manifesto

The universe has your back 

An introduction to meditation and positive thinking

.The universe has your bacj


The subtle art of not giving a f**k

a funny  redirection of the  way we think

The subtle art



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printed dot palazzo pant

top: forever 21 plus

sleeveless Rib bodysuit

jacket: Zara

yellow faux suede moto jacket


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