For the crown you wear everyday with OilMi Beauty

Cheers to the small business out their like  OILMI Beauty who still make quality products.

I have been surprised with how much I have enjoyed their hair products. I put this line to the real test, I waited to use the complete line after, coming out of my vacation protective styling.  If a product can rebalance the moister and strength back into my hair after weeks of braids they will definitely win me over.

I use the complete line of products and here are some of my thoughts.


1-Clarifying Shampoo – lifts and detoxifies the scalp from build up and dirt. Leaving hair clean and clear. You do not need a lot, a little goes a long way. Shampoo lathers quickly detangle hair without excess shedding. Leave hair ready for the conditioning portion. If you have Kinky Curly hair the shampoo will definitely start redefining your curls.

2- 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner-Soften and rehydrate my hair

Improved manageability.

3- Smooth Conditioner- Deeply hydrating hair.

This is a ticker consistency feel free to coat generously. For extra moisture I do recommend covering with a shower cap for  5- 10 minutes, then wash out with warm water

Dry and style as usual.

All products have 3 key moisturizing ingredients, Shea butter, jojoba oil and avocado oil.

So you have read all the PROS here are the CONS

OilMi Beauty doesn’t offer a travel size. This traveler always needs a travel set for all my trip and a full size set at home.

The sweet citrus scent is not my favorite.

Ready to add OilMi Beauty to your hair regimen? Head over to OilMi Beauty to shop all your for all your hair care needs.

Use discount code: CURVY10 for 10 % off your purchase of OilMi Beauty.

OilMi Beauty

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