Modessa Island- The remote vacation spot

As the Philippines continues to grow in tourism, the once secluded travel destinations are now packed with foreigners by the busloads. So the question you’re probably asking yourself is, where do you go? Don’t worry I have the perfect remote vacation planned out for you. This travel pace will be a lot slower, more relaxed and definitely more secluded (i think this is  what you call a real vacation)

Head to Modessa Island Resort. Located off the coast of Roxas in Palawan Island, Philippines.

Here’s what you need to know:

Travel time from Roxas to Modessa is 45 minutes via boat. (transportation is provided by resort)

Arrival is greeted by friendly staff and fresh coconut, and when I mean fresh I mean they literally climb up the tree and snatch it down, can’t get better than that right? ( well unless they add rum).

Cost is minimal in comparison to other vacations destinations. Be prepared to pay cash, or with pay pal. Rooms will cost you about $2500 peso per person, which is only $50US a night for a private bungalow on the beach.

This is the only property on the island with a  whopping 30 units on this property you are guaranteed a peaceful/pleasant stay.

All your meals are included during the stay, and I’m not talking buffet style. Actually cooked tradition  Philippines meals. ( Drink are not included but staff is more than happy to  make you whatever you ask for) If you want to bring your own drinks to the island no problem just be ready to pay a small corkage fee.


The rooms are comfortable and standard for  Philippines living. For first-timers to the Philippines the restrooms or comfort rooms as they call it can be a little challenging if traveling from a more developed country. There is nothing really comfortable about it, but If you can get past the cold showers, and the toilet and shower sharing the same space then it is a small price to pay for living in paradise. There is no AC but plenty of sea breeze.

Things to do:

snorkel the coral reef– by Rick Sanchez

Take island hopping a cruise

Lounge in the sun




Grab a game of pool or ping pong in the lounge,

or a pickup game of basketball with the staff.

Make sure you take in every sunrise, and every sunset the island has to offer.

My recommendation is to pace yourself on your activities.

The island pace is a lot slower but perfect for a moment to reset and recharge.


Would I return to Modessa Island Resort?  Yes definitely!

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Tip-Great location to rent out for larger parties, and events.







Video by: Rick Sanchez

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