13 Female Travel Bloggers of Color You Should Be Following in 2018

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When you scroll through the travel hashtag on Instagram, a similar look can start to become apparent. A girl with a floppy hat stands looking coyly at the camera. Oh, yeah, and she’s usually white. In the past, travel was a notoriously dangerous activity for a person of color to partake in, and it’s only been more recently that it has even become a possibility for many.

The diversity of travel influencers on Instagram is starting to transform, even if it’s a bit slow to see sometimes. We highlighted some amazing female travel bloggers of color previously, so if you want to pepper your feed with even more amazing and adventurous women who are the faces of this shift in the industry, you should follow these 13 travelers who all run Instagram accounts and blogs. They will give you some serious wanderlust inspiration.


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