The best winter layering pieces

best in seasonal outerwear

Let me tell you a little story about me it is my blog and all, the real reason why I became so obsessed with outerwear. When I mean Obsessed I mean I have a full closet of just jackets. So Picture time in your life when your budget is tight and any extra money is used to book a short trip or pay off a bill, usually the trip won that debate. So clearly my prioritize where a little ass-backward but unfortunately repairing my old car was not on top of the list. Much easier to buy a new jacket then is to fix the heater in your 2004 Toyota Solara, most just thought I was being fashionable, but at the end of the day, I just try to stay warm before I got to work. Many complimented my fur coats my leather Moto jackets, the fringe sweaters.I smiled and thanked everyone politely, I don’t think they knew  I had no heat in my car and it was below 50 in the mornings and those crappy tattered leather seats were always extremely cold. So instead of fixing my car, buying jackets seemed like the easier solution and again the more fashionable one.

Remember outerwear is a completer pieces it can take regular denim jeans with the white screen tee to the next level don’t be afraid of pop colors and over-the-top pieces.

Here are a few of my favorite jackets this season but I think you’ll be happy to know that I have a new car that actually has heat now it’s all about being fashionable.

Picks for the season.

Pop color/ Moto jacket

pop color moto jacket

Denim Fly

how to wear outwear like an accessory

Fringe Jacket

how to wear outwear during the season

curvygirltravel in fringe sweater


Biker jacket with fur

biker jacket outerwear

Aviator Jacket

outerwear aviator jacket


Fur jacket

fur outerwear pieces


Happy Shopping

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