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Carryon essentials, travel needs

I have a list of essentials that I always pack in my carryon. I tend to never check a bag for the simple fact that I hate waiting at baggage claim. For short trips to long overnight here is a list of essentials you’ll need to make the flight more enjoyable. Remember to keep it simple, overpacking is not necessary. Everything you need can fit in a personal item/ tote bag. No need to bother with the overhead compartment during the flight. Everything you’ll need will be within reach. Sit back and enjoy the in-flight entertainment.

Neck Pillow:

I think airlines get paid more to make you feel more and more uncomfortable each flight.  Seats get smaller, closer and armrest room quickly becomes an arm wrestling match between you and your neighbor.  So do yourself a favor and pack a neck pillow. Give yourself the illusion of personal space. I highly recommend purchasing a pillow that comes with a case so you can store more efficiently when not in use.

Head Phones:

Pack a pair of headphone for the in-flight entertainment they also double as an earplug.

(see what I did there …. minimized)

keep all your cords organized cable tie wraps

Beauty Wipes:

Freshen up and the end of a flight.

Sanitizing Wipes:

Airplanes have a ton of germs. Before you get comfortable, take a minute and clean off the tray tables, armrest, headrest and seatbelt buckle.  You’re already dealing with recycled air, don’t recycle the germs.

Essential Oils:

This might not be on top of the list of must-haves, but I highly recommend it. Here are a few benefits.

1-stress relief and balance

2- moisturizing

3-mask the odor of a slightly not so fresh passenger that happens to sit in your aisle. ( couple drops under the noise will change  your  LIFE  flight)


Packing a few snacks is a great idea in case of delays or unexpected stops. Airlines are not as hospitable as they use to be ( unless your first class) so let us skip hangry and pack a few snacks.

Travel shoes:

I love to kick off my shoe during a flight, but when it is time to go to the bathroom it’s so inconvenient to put them back on. Packing foldable slippers for those quick bathroom runs comes in perfect. Ideally, you want something compacted and with a rubber protective sole.

Laptop/Ipad/ book:

I always pack at least 1 of the 3 depending on the nature of the trip. Even though most ( but not all) airlines have in-flight entertainment, I have been the unlucky seat where the tv doesn’t work. So have some backup entertainment.

Ipads are great and lightweight and perfect for nonwork-related trips.

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