Wear your power color

What’s your power color?

So if you’re over the age of 30 and don’t know your power color, I need you to seriously reevaluate your life! ( get your life girl)… kidding kind-of. Your power color cannot just be what looks good against your skin tone it needs to make you look like you glow. It needs to be the color that can change your mood and energy for the day.  It might not be the color you always buy but it should be! Who wouldn’t want to glow through the day and walk with confidence?

My power color is a really good mustard shade of yellow. Hence why this amazing dress was a must buy. Of course, I gravitated to the dress for the color but I must say this dress did not disappoint. The fit is amazing. The waistline hits in the perfect spot. The fabric quality is fabulous, the fabric is not too heavy or sheer and holds its shape. Definitely a great flirty length paired back to an open-toed heel sandal. The added side pockets was a pleasant surprise, can’t help but strut down the street with hands in my pockets and a bounce in my step. All I can hear is Will Smith in the background singing “I got the power, I got the power”.

If you don’t have a color or dress in your closet that has the same effect I will say it again “get your life girl” and this time I mean it.


-Curvy Girl Travels.

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Dress: Leith midi dress

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