Summer ’17 trends with Who What Wear

No summertime sadness here but a little summer blues. Where has the sun been this week California and whats with this humidity? I going to continue to dress for a regular California summer and hope the weather gets the memo and gets back on schedule. Actually no time to wait, lets take it to the Hampton’s for a little day dreaming. I going to need my imagination on this one but the outfit is covered.

This is a spin off of  sex and city meets the Hampton’s. So lets pretend so-cal is New York elite Hampton’s and definitely pretend this dress is  off the runway  and not target Who What Wear. Nonetheless, despite this amazing dramatic ruffle dress not being designer, I must say Who What Wear line for target has been a pleasant surprise of the amount of trend they are offering at this price point. This dress will set you back a whole $36.99 for straight sizes and $39.99 for Plus . Did we talk about how great it is that they offer Plus in multiple styles on the floor an online? If you are not familiar with Who What Wear line I suggest you get familiar quick unless you like missing out on the best trends at the right price.  So let talk trend! This dress offers the right amount of sex appeal with classic railroad stripe motifs and defiantly hits on the sleeve trend detail, that has been everywhere this summer. I have no complaints on the fit or quality of this dress. The well structured fit gives you the right amount of sass without having to show your….Classic can still be sexy. Keep it clean ,sexy and trend forward.

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Or in a target store near you.

xoxo, Curvy Girl Travel

Dress: Ruffle Wrap Dress

Handbag: Chloe palm mini drew (limited edition)

Shoes: Steve madden


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