New year new……. Do I dare say new me…..?

Well since I always love the old me, why do I need to reinvent myself just because a new year actually started? Not saying there isn’t room for improvement and growth, hey I welcome change into my life but do we all need to fall into the whole “new year new me” mentality? It’s is just a possible let down when we fall off by March? I don’t personally believe in New Years resolutions. I set new goal for my self every birthday. As I personally enter a new year in my life I set goal and expectation for myself. The key word is ” myself” and that’s who it should be about, yourself. Not falling into societies expectations or family expectations.
So as we said goodbye to 2016 and enter 2017 and with a complete clear slate or canvas what should the portrait of this new year look like? That all depends on you! We can set realistic goals plan new trips save money whatever the heart desires. All I truly know is that a new year has started and we all should just live each day to the fullest.

Sweater dress: forever 21 straight sizes

Fur scarf: urban code asos

Shoes : Steve Madden

Author: curvygirltravel

Designer, traveler, and blogger originally from Southern California. Started this new blog as an outlet of self expression and a platform for all my inspired travelers to find refuge, tips, travel and fashion inspiration. This might only become a journal of experiences, but if I can inspire one person out there to pack a bag jet set and go then my job is done. Ready….Set…GO. #curvygirltravel

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